Eat, Little Bird

So without a doubt there are many great food blogs out there and as an amateur I can only hope to strive to be as sophisticated and knowledgable as them one day. But one of my absolute favourite sites to browse on is one called eat little bird. I’ll admit the fact that she’s a Vietnamese in the coporate world did biased me a little bit, but reading through and experiencing her website really was an enjoyable experience. Her website, the colours and design brings a very calm ambience to her cooking as opposed to the passionate atmosphere of people like Jamie Oliver and Gordan Ramsay. So when I’m leasurely browsing through it I’m reminded that cooking is in fact a pleasure rather than a chore. The basic format of her website is divided into recipes, travel and cookbook reviews. Her emphasis is on the recipe however it is not your tpical splurging on recipe. Instead she as the author gives her own account and her own experiences of cooking the recipe. On top of this she also compares and contrasts the many varying types of the one recipe and discusses which one works best based on anecdotal experiences. This is fantastic because it doesn’t just splurge out a bunch of number and ingredients rather it looks into what elements work best together, what doesn’t and what the followers can try at home. Furthermore the visual format is also refreshingly new. As opposed to having a recipe with three or four pictures placed right by the text the instructions are photoshoped onto the photography taken and the result is a very sophisticated looking blog. This approach makes it easier for the followers at home to actually use the recipe. Rather than search through a paragraph of words it is simple sentences placed underneath photos of each step. What she also does that’s great is cookbook reviews. Because of your like me you know all too well that there are plenty of rubbish cookbooks out there that don’t really do anything for anybody. The author herself is a collector of cookbooks and what she does is go through the mourtain and pages of recipe and posts up ther recipes that are worth spending sometime on. Because let’s face it not evry recipe from a cook book will tickle everyone’s fancy. This approach to discussing food is great because not opens up the door for people to modernise and twist traditional recipes.


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